Wii USB Loader Frequently Asked Questions

Tutorial to using USB Loader v1.1 and FAQs

This tutorial will guide the users of USB Loader on how to boot and backup games through the USB drive.

First, the necessary requirements;
• Installed Homebrew Channel’s latest version
• The original file IOS36-64-v1042.wad (GOOGLE!)
This file pack which includes IOS rev9 + v1.1

• Select the usbloader.rar file and extract it into the root folder of the SD card.
• Stick the original IOS36-64-v1042.wad file into the root folder of the SD card.
• Now, boot Homebrew Channel and after this run the IOS installer.
• Select “WAD Install” and it will automatically get installed.
• Reset Wii.

Running the USB Loader:
• Insert into the Wii a USB drive.
• Now, boot the homebrew channel and choose USB-LOADER
• The installer should demand for choosing and formatting a partition otherwise the plugged in USB drive is not supported.

All the data on the USB drive will get erased by formatting so remember to back it up and it will be easy to convert the USB drive back to normal later. As the USB drive is now formatted under the WBFS, Windows however will not recognize it and thus not able to read it.

• Select a partition of your choice and continue.
• Now, insert the original or backup game disk into the Wii.
• Press the + button.

It will display a message “Opening DVD disk…OK!”
After this, it will move on to continue with the ripping operation.


Q: Whenever I install the IOS file, this error “extracting content #00….ERROR! (ret=-1017)” comes up?
A: Try using AnytitleDeleter. This will help in getting rid of ISO249.

Q: I have a problem in booting USB Loader due to an error saying “Could not initialize USB subsystem! (ret=-1)”?
A: You have to use another USB drive or recheck the connections as either your USB stick is not supported or it is corrupted. Also, remove any plugged-in device from the other USB port. If still it is giving an error, then just switch your USB port. I do not recommend this method but some people reported successful results via hotswapping. Others reported that they plugged in two error-showing USB’s together and one of them started working.

Q: It freezes during the ripping process although it got passed 0.01%.
A: In my case, this problem occurred due to the overheating of flash drive. This sounds absurd, but try to keep your drive cool. You can switch to any other flash drive if you have.
If the LED of your flash drive is still blinking, then it is working but the speed is slow! But if it has not blinked for the last 40 seconds, your Wii needs a reset. Sometimes, for the first time, this method does not work out. But in second or third time, it gives successful results. 

Q: The ripping of disk freezes either at 0.00% or 0.01%, what should I do?
A: You can try to reinstall the IOS file or clean your disk. But if you have a hard modded Wii, this solution will not work for you.

Q: Whenever I start ripping, an error message gets displayed saying “Invalid Wii game”?
A: It may be possible that you have a lightly scratched DVD or not an original one but a backup copy. First clean the DVD and try again. If still it does not work, then you can burn another copy.

Q: How to make my USB drive compatible with Windows again?
A: First connect your USB drive. Then in Windows XP, right click on ‘My Computer’ and then select ‘Manage’. Click ‘Disk Management’. Now, Right click on the name of your device and create a new partition or format the whole drive.


Q: What is WTF? Is it a partition?
A: A WTF can be best described as a segment or a block of the hard drive which is available for only one file system. Generally new computers have the full hard drive in a single partition which can be split by the owners for different file systems or better organization of files.

Q: I know how to make a partition. But I want to repartition my drive keeping the current data intact. Is it possible?
A: Unfortunately, you can’t repartition a drive without deleting the previous partitions and the data. (You can try using software called Partition Magic, but as I have never used it, I am not sure of that).   

Q: Can Gamecube games be dumped?
A: No, not at this time. But I feel that they will definitely be supported in the newer versions.

Q: It says that the amount of free space available is x.xxGB, but the actual free space is very large!
A: Either the USB Loader pack you are using is not the one I am describing or you have just made a mess of the Partitioning.

Q: Can ISO be put on the hard drive via Windows?
A: Yes, by using the WBFS tool.
Command line or

Wii Firmware Upgrade / FW Downgrade

Q: Is there any need for FW v4.0?
A: No.

Q: How much time the big Wii games take to dump?
A: On an average, the dumping of a game takes around 20 mins, except the Super Smash Brawl. Here are some more examples and exceptions;
Link’s Target Training…………………….0.25GB…3 mins, 25secs
Super Smash Bros Brawl……………........6.87GB…1 Hour, 34 mins, 8 secs
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess…1.12GB…13 mins

Q: My disk drive is producing very loud and weird noises, what should I do?
A: Do not panic. The amount of noise is different for different models and their use.

Q: Whenever I start my USB Loader, there is a code dump?
A: You should check out this thread.

Q: The picture I am getting is distorted/ black & white / Grainy etc.?
A: This problem is related to cross-video compatibility. Some of the PAL games have great compatibility with NTSC consoles, some have don’t and vice-versa. Various reports have been seen about the fixes and video patches, and also about forcing NTSC, but I am not clear on this.

Q: Does USB 2.0 support is included in this?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the maximum size of a partition?
A: Max 512GB for now.

Q: Can brick-blocked backup discs also be dumped by USB Loader?
A: Yes.

I hope this guide has covered every problem faced by people while using the USB Loader and can spare them from too much scanning through the topic and thus, prove to be a great help.